Our goal with this website was to help communities reconnect during the internet age, when a lot of us have gotten out of touch with those closest to us. We were inspired by the realization that despite being just a 100 ft away, we really don't know anything about our neighbors. And as the world gets more digital, we're becoming less and less familiar with our community who we live so close to.

What it does

Loco allows you to connect with your local community with two main features: posts and a local shop system. Specifically, Loco connects you with others in your county and allows you to either make posts with a title and body, or to post items for sale so that others can buy used items from those near them (think Nextdoor meets Craiglist).

How we built it

We built this website using MongoDB, Firebase, ExpressJS, and HTML/CSS/JS. We learned a lot about using MongoDB, as this was really one of our first times with a noSQL database.

What we learned

Like we said, this was one of our first times using MongoDB, so it was really helpful to be exposed to a new technology, especially when it's one of the industry standards and biggest competitors for the database used by major corporations and small businesses alike. We also got to improve our ability with CSS/design a fair bit, too.

What's Next

Of course, there was only so much we could do in a day. We really look forward to polishing up the website and increasing the functionality so that it can soon become a fully-fledged webapp which really brings friends, neighborhoods, and communities together.

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