The smartphone pickpocketing is a real problem here in Timisoara and maybe even worldwide. Only in our city the police registers at least 6 smartphone thefts a day, not counting the people who don't file a complaint, this thing rising a prejudice of about 1500 euros for the community every day.

What it does

It monitors your smartphone's screen from the moment you activate it, running a background service to detect any kind of touch on the device's screen, and announcing you when an unwelcome touch has been detected.

How I built it

I am running a background service to monitor the screen when the phone goes into sleep mode. If it feels any touch, it starts to emit light through the phone's flash, sound an sound alarm and vibrate.

Challenges I ran into

We'll see. For the moment I am struggling with the background service.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Solving a serious problem from our times.

What I learned

Running background services in Android, running notifications.

What's next for Locky McLockface

After HackTM I plan to continue with the work and to get the project to Startup Weekend Timisoara, this June.

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