Everytime I go to the airport, I need to open the app, find the boarding pass, open it, then show it to either Security or gate agent, the process takes a lot of time and I would want this to happen instantly.

What it does

As soon as you turn on your screen, if you have any booking coming up soon, your boarding pass will be presented as your lock screen, saving you the hassle of going all the way to pull up the boarding pass. In this example we will run airberlin 7249 from JFK to TXL, which you'd see the count down timer as well as your boarding pass the moment you turn on your screen, saving user all the hassle of looking for different apps in order to find their boarding pass. This experience is simple and intuitive.

How I built it

Using app.xapix, we were able to pull up Passenger information as well as booking information through airberlin_lab_2016, the prototype is currently using just my user information as we are only doing it for proof of concept.

Challenges I ran into

Trying to get indoor mapping system running was very difficult, we'll save that for the next version.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am able to actually build a boarding pass proof of concept on lock screen

What I learned

All the API usage for as well as how to build a custom lock screen.

What's next for Lockscreen Boarding pass

Adding indoor mapping helping users to navigate, currently indoor mapping apis are still very difficult to use.

Please notice I've only tested this app below Android 6.0, I don't have a phone to test out Android 6.0 and above, so please use a phone that's using Android 5.0 or so. There seems to be a problem on 6.0 or above it does not overwrite the default launcher screen.

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