Being disorganized can put a strain on your productivity and mental health. Since all of us have dealt with this before we wanted to create an application that would increase our productivity, while being user-friendly, and quick. If we knew what we had to do throughout the day, but it impedes with our schedule, it's really tough to organize around that.

What it does

The user inputs up to 10 daily goals into our application and the priority of accomplishing it, then our algorithm sorts it by what we researched to be the best flow to accomplish personalized goals. Then it displays it in a sorted list for you on which goals you should tackle first for highest productivity. Finally, you have a choice of uploading it to your Google Calendar which will lay the events out to not overlap with each other nor and current events in your day.

How we built it

Implemented in Python and the tkinter library for the front end. Then used Python and Google Calendar API on the back end.

Challenges we ran into

  • Google Calendar API doesn't have a display for which time blocks are taken
  • Sorting algorithms based on user inputted goals
  • Taking user input from front end and using it for the back end

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully overcame all of our challenges and finished everything we had planned out Saturday morning

What we learned

  • We learned Python's library tkinter, how to handle Google's API through Python, and sorting algorithms
  • Stay organized as a team as well as tackle each of our individual jobs done
  • Learned how to divide up the work evenly

What's next for lockITdown

  • Implement all timezone's for the user (currently only America/Toronto)
  • User inputs starting time of their day
  • User follows their schedule and we can update our code and provide them points
  • Provide a place for user feedback
  • Publish the application on Play Store/ iOS App store (implement it in java)

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