In my recent discovery and understanding of what "big data" consists of, I have grown very interested in how much we can learn from it. Since it is a constant intake of data of different measurands (items being measured), this causes one to find patterns and trends in the data that may help towards the project in the future.

What it does

Demonstrates a superior visualization tool to effectively present what this complex data means to potential customers, i.e. graphs, or charts.

Challenges I ran into

How to actually build this application and what exactly it could have implemented that make it clear to the customer

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of taking on a second task in the 24 hour time limit to teach myself about complex data and how NASA and Lockheed Martin analyze it, for example.

What I learned

The vague concept of "big data" or complex data and system models. I also learned about NASA's Orion Multipurpose Crew Vehicle and Lockheed Martin's Mach-5 Insightâ„¢

What's next for The Complex Data Imager

Teaching myself a code that I can use to build this application that will transform the data into clear and easy to read understand graphs.

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