Since we attend BCA, we thought it would be interesting to make a game based on the place we are at for most of the week.

What it does

You are chased by a teacher and are trying to escape him, getting as far as you can without hitting the obstacles.

How we built it

Using the Unity game engine, we were able to code the programs necessary to make the game work. With Maya, we created the textures that we added to the game to give it a more realistic feel.

Challenges we ran into

In our group, we had the issue of coming up with an idea that we wanted to pursue as well as adding everyone's skills to the project. We also ran into a few coding issues that we were able to solve.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Further developing our skills in Unity and Maya, our coding experience, and the feeling that we had a final product.

What we learned

How to solve different issues in both software's as well as speeding up the work process

What's next for Locker Blockers

Possible development into a IOS based game

Built With

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