I recently saw a let's play video of a Japanese indie game Playable Mockup, about how the game design can be flexible. Playable Mockup is a horror, 3D adventure, and deck-building game at the same time. Since then, I've been interested in coming up with a genre-straddling game system.

What it does

You need to find a door to escape from the dungeon. The door is hidden until you find ''the key'' and ''the lock''. Its location is unknown. Sanity is vital to your success. The game is over when it reaches 0. You will find items as you proceed. One of them is ''the lock'', and another is ''the key''. According to some hints you can find while exploring, you need to infer which items are the lock and the key to open the door. You will encounter enemies as you proceed. You can fight against the enemy by sacrificing a certain amount of your sanity. If you win (the sanity remains larger than 0), the same enemy does not appear anymore. You can also run through at the expense of a certain amount of sanity; however, the enemy remains in the same room, and you need to encounter it every time you pass the same room later on.

How we built it

Just used basic Twine functionality ( I've spent so many hours studying algorithms and advanced C++ stuff and now made a game (almost) without a single code!)

Challenges we ran into

I've been quacking my entire life, and my native language is not English. Always challenging...

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I have tried many times to make a game using Unity and RPGMaker but always failed. This is my first complete and playable game.

What we learned

How to use Twine How to construct a game map

What's next for Lock and Key

Adding story so that players can enjoy discovering who it is about and what their background is.

Built With

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