Finding the most liveable home is a very complex job. One thing you don't want is to drive any further or longer than absolutely necessary. And you don't want your journeys to cost the earth. But with so many different journeys from the household, how do you easily compare a potential new home on this important dimension?


Get the answers you need in THREE SIMPLE STEPS!

  1. Build a database of destinations that your household travels to: Mom's work, Dad's work, Kid's schools, Grandma's house, Shopping Mall, etc.

  2. Record the addresses of the places you are thinking about moving to.


LOCATIONSCORE shows you a map of the different sets of journeys you make, and tables that compare each potential new home for a range of important dimensions: Distances, Public Transit Availability, Walkability, Driving Times (free flow and congested), CO2, Cost.

Our transport system is jammed with vehicles, and new people move in all the time. The real solution to traffic congestion will come when we change the underlying shape of traffic demand. LOCATIONSCORE helps people make better location decisions, focusing on public transport options but also informing them how different home choices drive different amounts of travel and cost.

KiwiBank is advertising as 'everything you need to find a home', but leaves out the important dimension of all the journeys you make and how much it costs to travel, which can impact on your ability to make those mortgage payments. The bank is a target customer.

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