My first inspiration was way off of what my final product was. I first started to make a website that uses some type of API to find popular tourist destinations, but for some reason, It was hard for me to find. So, I went with my 2nd option, which was to make it easy to find cities you want to find; however, that also changed into Location Locater. This mainly came up from me looking at letters my parents got and noticed how zip codes look so unique but in a pattern.

What it does

This website uses Zipcodebase, which is a simple API, to quickly look at the designated zip code, with basic information about the location, county, lat & long coordinates, as well as the location's name.

How I built it

Took 6 hours, with the help of some (I'm a beginner), using JS, HTML, and CSS.

Challenges I ran into

A major challenge I had was that when the information about the zip code was posted, it would stay there, and when you would want to find information about another zip code, you would need to refresh the page. This was extremely annoying for me, as I knew the line of code I needed to add, but I couldn't find the correct location. After like 30 minutes of looking around the bottom of my function in JS, I realized that I need to put the line of code I needed near the beginning of my function.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making a website, in general, feels pretty good, and especially when I did it by myself, with only a little help needed.

What I learned

I've learned that the smallest mistake can keep you stuck for the longest time while coding, as well as learning how to implement API's properly, and that there's different types of JS (React & Node), not just one.

What's next for Location Locator!

I'm going to try to expand this website from just US Locations to all the International postal codes, to make people more intrigued and interested in different locations, when they search up the same zip code.

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