When attending parties and other events, it is usually easy to determine a common destination. However, upon reaching the given location, it can sometimes be difficult to locate your friends. This application is perfect to solving situations such as this one, along with helping people locate themselves in areas such as concerts and New York City.

What it does

An application that allows you to find friends in densely populated areas. This is accomplished using live location updates and general photographic input, that allows for maximum accuracy when locating one another.

How we built it

We utilized android studio to create this application and we divided it into three major components. The first was the the user interface, then the actual tracking of the locations between two phones and lastly the use of a photograph in order to help the two people potentially locate key landmarks while trying to locate one another.

Challenges we ran into

The central challenges for this project were the incorporation of Google Maps and GitHub. These resulted in several errors and at certain times limited the productivity of the project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to create an application that would allow people to overcome one of the most common issues faced in daily life. This application will decrease the time lost while trying to coordinate meetings through phone calls, texts and vague pictures.

What we learned

A major component of our project was using location tracking to help the two users locate each other. This was a topic that most the group members had minimal experience with and required extensive reading and cooperation with the mentors.

What's next for LocateMe

We would like to be able to integrate our application with other companies; for example, if we connected the application with Uber, one could easily find exactly where an Uber driver was. Also, we also aim to include more features in our application, such as the ability to send photos through the application, allowing each user to recognize the environment of the other user.

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