Traveling and visiting new places has become a major part of the lifestyle of most people all around the globe. Whether we are traveling near or far, no matter whichever mode of transport we take, luggage is a common thing that we always take good care of. A very common phenomenon, while we are traveling, is missing your luggage or theft of luggage.

What it does

We built that application that you can use to track your luggage using our different map solutions. The raspberry pi pings our server every time with its location, which is shown onto the embedded map.

How we built it

We used Raspberry Pi with a power bank for the hardware setup and React Native along with Mapbox and Google Maps (Google Cloud) for the mobile app. Although, a cheaper circuit can be built using NodeMCU with GPS Module, we had to use a raspberry pi due to the unavailability of components.

Challenges we ran into

Issues with Android Studio and Gradle. Integrating the map was also a challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Accurately tracking the luggage and providing a good UX for users to track their luggage using different map solutions.

What we learned

Building react native apps and integrating Mapbox and Google maps

What's next for Locate my Luggage

We'll develop a cheaper and more feasible circuit when we have a GPS Module.

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