Everyone needs a companion at some point of time. Whether you are looking for guidance in admissions, some help to learn new skills, just to have a talk , or maybe more, Community Companion is for you. we can volunteer to be a community companion or can find a volunteer for your needs. For an instance are A volunteer can help children who have ADHD, autism, etc and have a hard time acclimating to their environment or user can also volunteer to spend time with elderly people, so it fosters meaningful community interactions.

What it does

Connects a mentee who needs guidance to a buddy. A buddy can also find mentee. A user can be both mentee and buddy

How we built it

Using Adobe XD we designed the prototype and using AdobeXD to Flutter plugin, we built a flutter web application

Challenges we ran into

Both AdobeXD and flutter are new for us. It took a lot of time for us to get the hang of AdobeXD. There were many errors while converting the Adobe XD to Flutter

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have learned something new this weekend. We are proud of our idea because everyone can relate to Community Companion in one way or the other

What we learned

  • How to design wireframes and use UX tools like Adobe XD
  • How to convert a Adobe XD design to flutter code using plugin

What's next for Community Companion

  • Adding few advanced filters
  • Hosting the application
  • developing a mobile app version
  • Gamification of the Application : Rewards for Volunteers

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