Location sharing app by William Lee, Kyle Wong, and Cai Yeo.

Locare is an application that allows users to display their status and/or interests to other people from different locations. It is stored with a SQL database by recent activity, so the users can refresh to see a new group of people in which they want to talk to, based on interests and/or proximity to their current location, thereby allowing users to connect to others locally as well as around the world.

We used Android Studio (Java and XML), PHP, SQL, Linode for the hosting server to store the database, and Github for version control.

To facilitate the development of the application, we used storyboarding to visualize the interaction between different elements and the connection between front end and back end elements within the application.

Without much prior experience to PHP and SQL and with lots to discover as our first hackathon, we made some progress but not as much as expected, though we have a working implementation of the application. This application can be expanded to include groups based on similar interests to effectively connect users globally.

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