Help Puerto Rico economy exploiting the touristic industry while helping the locals to earn an income, simplify and manage their experience business.

What it does

Provide a platform to guests and host to publish and buy experiences in Puerto Rico. We have on your own areas of interests from ViewPR API that have over 10k areas of interests. Provide a central system to publish experiences, manage calendar, assistance and income from the experiences. Provide the ability to have their own domain name and use our back-end entering the experience information only once having their own page and LocalTours promoting their experiences.

How we built it

Laravel, jQuery, bootstrap, Illustrator, Photoshop, CSS3, HTML5.

Challenges we ran into

Integrating TripAdvisor API, because we have to approximate the location of the interest area to be able to query and get the full information to display to the user.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Integration with ViewPR API, TripAdvisor API, paypal, openmaps iframe for location and our main UI.

What we learned

API integration's, google map integration's, openmaps integration, a lot of hacking and UI to provide the best responsive interface.

What's next for LocalTours

Continue developing, create more features, simplify the dashborad for hosts, change from paypal to stripe, create a mobile application for IOS and Android. Integrate with calendars host, and guest, and so on....

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