TechCrunch Disrupt 2016 Submission


Every local person has its favorite place he frequently visits: like favorite parks, restaurants, or hikes. But for people visiting a new city, it’s overwhelming and time consuming to make a decision. Now if you’re a local you can share your favorite places and get rewards for that. 

What it does

LocalSecrets.club brings the community together around common interests. With LocalSecrets.club is simple, personal and fun. 

LocalSecrets.club is a community of city explorers. Here you can quickly find the closest places near you, frequented by a local. If you liked the place, you can reward the local for his recommendation. 

How we built it

We built a webapp using HERE API, and Braintree APIs For our Landing Page we integrated: Twillo, and .Club. 

Challenges I ran into

Some of the other API's we wanted to use were pretty crude (Crunchbase and TechCrunch). Small issues with the

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to make the app work and get in app functionality like search for location, payments, map display. 

We integrated 4 API’s HERE, Braintree, Twillo, and .Club.  Managed to get the UI on top of the app. 

Excellent team collaboration between team, optimizing towards goals,and solving the problem.

What we learned

  • Project prioritization: We had too many APIs to incorporate on so little time, so we had to make decisions on what to use and how much time to spend on it.
  • API in-depth knowledge: We had a great time learning the new APIs and their functionality. We also struggled a bit with some other APIs, but manage to make it work for most.

What's next for test

Messaging Social Influencers - We live in the era of real-time, social engagement. If you are a travel or hospitality brand, you want to meet your customer right when he is when he is making a decision. Promote brands genuinely through the voice of social influencers from the Local Secrets.Club.

Make better decisions using data, since we will have a human curated resource that is unlike anything else currently available. However, we will continue to test different monetization models based on metrics.

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