We were inspired by the events in Texas, where the government struggled to hand out essential supplies to residents.

What it does

It connects people who need stuff with people who have it, in real time. Giving out food? list yourself and let people nearby know!

How we built it

This was build with a combination of python (django), javascript and some good 'ol HTML and CSS.

Challenges we ran into

Getting python to talk to javascript was tricky and interesting. However, common support for the JSON format made things easier at the end of the day

Accomplishments that we're proud of

For most of the people on the team, it was our first hackathon and we are happy with what we have built and learnt in 2 days. Playing with databases, models, views and routing is not easy but we built a functional app at the end of the day!

What we learned

Deploying a Django app. Database design with models, authentication, routing, views as well as javascript integrations.

What's next for LocalRelief

Many things can be improved from the way to site looks to adding more features such as a timer for your event (say you are only selling something for an hour), a better filter system, tags for all your events and much more. We also plan to deploy it to heroku to have it accessible online.

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