Inspiration: We originally wanted to create an app that was similar to the FindMyFriends app. After considering a bit more, we realized that we could make a similar app, but one that had more applications. Potential applications for this is advertising for an event open to the public, informing people of traffic incidents, or to meet up with other people with similar interests. Instead of restricting to just friend groups, this app can be used by the general public, and viewed by the general public.

How it works: From the main screen, you can tap any of the annotations on the map to see what message other people have posted at that location. You can also post your own message, and an annotation will appear at the location that you are at. Another thing that you can do is filter out annotations based on keywords, to find similar annotations.

Challenges I ran into: Biggest challenge for Charles was trying to learn enough Objective-C and work with the annotations in the MapKit framework. A lot of time was spent on YouTube watching walkthroughs. For Roger, biggest challenge (and still current challenge) was to figure out the best way to sync the current Core Data SQLite database with a cloud storage platform. As someone who hasn't really touched the backend before, this was a real challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: Charles' biggest accomplishment was successfully getting a map to appear on the simulation, as well as learning how AutoLayout worked for responsiveness. Roger was proud of being able to successfully navigate a Core Data datamodel and manage fetching/autogeneration of entities when there were none.

What I learned: Charles learned how IOS apps worked and how to code in Objective-C. Roger learned how Core Data works.

What's next for LocalPost: Finishing the intended implementations that we haven't been able to get to. For example, we originally wanted the annotations to appear as dots on the map, and the message to appear in a toolbar at the bottom of the screen (this way, the message wouldn't cover other annotations on the map). There are a lot of ways that this project can be expanded, and 24 hours aren't enough to do it justice.

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