We started Local with the goal to inspire the wellness of our local community. This wellness includes the wellness of local businesses that suffered from the COVID-19 community. This wellness is also the physical of users, and our software aims to promote users to exercise outside while interacting with small businesses that are in their communities.

What it does

LocalPace searches for nearby cafes, restaurants, convenience stores, and more for users once they share their location. We calculate the jogging, running, and biking time between these stores and the users. Users can choose their own desired pace to find and support these businesses. Instead of chain coffee shops like Starbucks or Dunkin, users would be able to find small local cafes owned by minorities and support them by exercising. The stores would be ranked daily based on the number of visits, to incentivize users to use the app, and improve the local economy.

How we built it

We built the prototype of LocalPace with Figma, and the website version of it using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

What's next for LocalPace

We hope that LocalPace can be deployed with sign-ups of actual business owners. They would be able to register on the app and be discovered by more users. We hope to see diversity in the local economy and maintain the health of business owners, and community members.

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