💫 Inspiration

Inspired by our grandparents, who may not always be able to accomplish certain tasks, we wanted to create a platform that would allow them to find help locally . We also recognize that many younger members of the community might be more knowledgeable or capable of helping out. These younger members may be looking to make some extra money, or just want to help out their fellow neighbours. We present to you.... Locall!

🏘 What it does

Locall helps members of a neighbourhood get in contact and share any tasks that they may need help with. Users can browse through these tasks, and offer to help their neighbours. Those who post the tasks can also choose to offer payment for these services. It's hard to trust just anyone to help you out with daily tasks, but you can always count on your neighbours!

For example, let's say an elderly woman can't shovel her driveway today. Instead of calling a big snow plowing company, she can post a service request on Locall, and someone in her local community can reach out and help out! By using Locall, she's saving money on fees that the big companies charge, while also helping someone else in the community make a bit of extra money. Plenty of teenagers are looking to make some money whenever they can, and we provide a platform for them to get in touch with their neighbours.

🛠 How we built it

We first prototyped our app design using Figma, and then moved on to using Flutter for actual implementation. Learning Flutter from scratch was a challenge, as we had to read through lots of documentation. We also stored and retrieved data from Firebase

🦒 What we learned

Learning a new language can be very tiring, but also very rewarding! This weekend, we learned how to use Flutter to build an iOS app. We're proud that we managed to implement some special features into our app!

📱 What's next for Locall

  • We would want to train a Tensorflow model to better recommend services to users, as well as improve the user experience
  • Implementing chat and payment directly in the app would be helpful to improve requests and offers of services

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