The most common way of travelling is sightseeing and going to the top destinations of an area but some people want to have a more immerse cultural experience rather than the informational tours. You can use Foursquare to find the best restaurants, but who's going to show you the best street food? You can use TripAdvisor to find the best attractions, but who's going to show you the laid back-areas where locals go to avoid tourists? How can you truly immerse yourself into the culture within a weekend or a few days? Travellers can do that through Localize.Me.

Localize Me is a web service that allows people to find unconventional and exclusive activities organized by locals and provides them with all the information they will need to fulfil that activity, from transportation to accommodation.

There is an increasing trend for the democratization of tourism and these services are already out there: Vayable, yPlanApp, Simpki, Airbnb, etc., which is good, because it means it's a good business. But in order to have a complete travel experience, you have to go and sign-up for each service and make a separate search. One for the transport, one for the accommodation and one for the experience.

We want to merge all of this and make it easier for the traveller to achieve the cultural experience that they are looking for without spending too much time researching about flights and accommodation.

Localize me focuses on the experience.

On the other hand, we also want to give locals the opportunity to earn on the side by just hosting someone for dinner or going fishing.

Localize.Me wants take out the hassle of planning a holiday and change the way travellers experience the world.

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