In the fast moving era of technology, growth of social media network is enormous. People love to have a one stop solution for all their needs. But, we do not have any such solution in travel world.

What it does

It consolidates all travel needs in one site and create a community that will help travellers and locals to interact with each other.

How we built it

Using cuttting edge technologies (*i.e. Rails, PostgresSql) with world best travel APIs,for example Sabre API and Google Places API to provide a rich experience to our users to have a one stop solution for all their travel needs.

Challenges we ran into

Registration of Expedia API did not work Ruby wrappers of Sabre API were not compatible to latest beta API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In 24 hours, we were able to create a very basic level process to show what our uses will get from our platform.

What we learned

The key things we learnt during this hackathon is

  • Interaction with travel API
  • Team building
  • New cultures
  • Working under pressure to meet deadline

What's next for Localite

We want it to be world best community for travellers by providing them one stop solution for all their travel needs.

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