Here is our inspiration!

We are a group of students from Singapore who are working at Silicon Valley. We love to know more about the local cultures. We love to travel around. And all of us have a drive to improve the way we use technology. This year at SF Disrupt, we wanted to challenge ourselves and reimagine how we can learn about landmarks. After listening to all the API vendors in the house, we were inspired to create our app - Localet.

What does it do?

It allows users to take picture of landmarks or items. Utilizing IBM Watson's visual recognition, the image will be identified. Then we will incorporate IBM Watson's Conversation where users can obtain more information about the landmark. Our data is gathered through web crawling and Mapquest data. Using Mapquest search API, we were able to find all the landmarks within 2 miles of the area :)

The challenges!

Setting up of the environment was tough but we are grateful for the support from the sponsors, IBM Bluemix and Mapquest and ARCGis (unfortunately, we didn't use their api at the end). We were not prepared for the cold cold night though brrrrr. And it was our first time building a mobile app on android.

Our accomplishment~

Creating an application that is friendly for tourists to learn while traveling!

Learning lessons

We have become stronger and better! Watch out for us :D

Future for Localet

We would hope to expand the scope of geographical locations that it currently provides. If possible , optimize our search results as well! :) and venture into the capabilities of VR.

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