Looking for jobs and places worth living in.

What it does

We begin by asking you about your preferences for general locations, and compute a dynamic "Habitation" score for users based on a location they search.

How we built it

Our front-end is built with Node.js React and features ArcGIS integration with custom feature layers and map objects which is powered by a custom Python Flask API which is fed data by a MongoDB.

Challenges we ran into

Being able to work with ArcGIS for the first time posed it's own issues. Its a powerful platform but comes with a learning curve. We attempted to host the API on Google's cloud service using the Google app engine but ran out of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating custom feature layers and map objects in ArcGIS.

What we learned

ArcGIS, MongoDB, Flask

What's next for Locale

We would like to extend functionality to include more preference questions, more locations, and the ability to integrate LinkedIn's API to offer job prospects in areas.

So come on in, and find a locale that's right for you! -Bryce, Tanner, Ryan, & Zach

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