Locale is the result of trying to think about how to better connect those in the community. The idea started as a simple message sharing app between two people's phones. Quickly, the idea became more ambitious as it spread towards being a global web application and building connections. The code was designed from the beginning to be scalable and open. The idea was not to be another anonymous chat program, but to be a real way for people to connect. In order to join locale's communities, you can know they are around you, but you must physically walk to their location and be in the locale in order to participate. This makes our target user somebody who is willing to leave their boundaries and communicate with using real identities, both in the physical and the virtual world. When a user creates a locale, they can attach tags and interests, so others can search by their own interests and find compatible matches. A user that jogs around a park frequently will be able to start a locale in that area, set up jogging related tags, and others with similar interests will be able to join in, communicate, and start interacting together. What better way to encourage sustainability than to encourage people to get involved in their communities.

Code history: https://github.com/JakeCooper/Locale

We are aiming for the Google API for incorporating Google Maps API & Orchestrate for spatial processing and backend storage. Our goal is also for the overall best hack.

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