Going outside to buy something at these times can be very dangerous and exhausting because you don't know where to find to find things you need, and even if you knew, you wouldn't be sure if there will be a lot of people there.

What it does

We came with a solution for this problem. A platform that connects buyers with their closest stores and provides them with information regarding to a specific product they need for example in which supermarkets can you find it, how much of it is left in each supermarkets close to you and things like the price of the product. This will be all easily accessible just by picking a category and searching for the product the user needs. In the home page there will be a map that will show you all the supermarkets of your location or other locations you wish to look at. In this map you will be able to see the shortest path to the supermarket, how far is it and you can even click in the super market to see all the products they offer. In these times peoples safety is a priority! So, we created a very useful feature that lets the user know an estimated number of people and in which supermarket is the least amount and the most amount of people at the moment. All this will prevent pointless trips to the supermarkets where you want be able to find the product you need, this will slow down the spread of the virus because people will be more informed and of course this platform will make shopping more enjoyable buy knowing more about your local supermarkets and what they offer

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