Are you a busy person who craves home cooked food but doesn’t have the time to cook? What if you can get home cooked food near you? One Sunday night, when I was preparing food for the next few days, I wished I could find a nearby chef who would love to cook for me. Local Bites is a platform that connects community chefs with people who want home cooked food at an affordable price.

The target user of LocalBites is a person in their 20's or 30's who lives a very busy life. They want to stop by somewhere to get some affordable food on their way home from work. They love eating ethnic foods and realize that ethnic restaurants do not provide the "real" experience.

The key features of LocalBites that we are proud of are that it enriches people's food life with an easy-to-use platform for connecting people who want to buy and sell home cooked food nearby at an affordable price.

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