We wanted to create an app that can be used for all types of event related tasks. From creation of event to attending, sponsoring, organising, etc, all the requests can be sent through the app only.

What it does

The app is a one stop solution to all event related tasks from creating a new event in multiple locations, see upcoming events or join an event as an attendee etc. People can register as an admin where they can create new events, close existing events etc. Attendees can see list of upcoming events and register to join them. Sponsors can look for potential events for branding their products. Organisers can volunteer to join events.

How we built it

We made wireframes of the app screens, database structure on firebase and divided work which each team mate would do. One was responsible for the UI of app, one for making database on firebase and one to write java scripts in android.

Challenges we ran into

Main challenge was to have a common mind set in between the team mates. Working with new people takes an added effort of understanding each others capabilities, strengths and weaknesses so as to properly divide the tasks

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Recognised as winners in our category in the Local-Hack-Day organised at Green Park Location at Delhi. Awarded with certificate of accomplishment.

What we learned

To organise teams better, to build a product in a given time frame and coordinate with new people whom you have never met before.

What's next for local_hack_day

Build, innovate , network and never give up!

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