Inspiration / Problem We Are Trying To Solve

We looked into a variety of data sets and websites to find a reliable source of information to use in our app. Since most consumers buy imported goods from large supermarkets, it is difficult for small local businesses to survive. But during the COVID-19 period, research has shown that local consumers have become increasingly interested in supporting local agriculture as they may get closed down due to possible financial struggles.


We wanted to support this idea by creating an application that would make it easy for consumers to find where to buy produce and provide them with the option of a personalized shopper that they can stay in contact with. This way we can provide small local food and agriculture businesses with a viable method of advertising as well as profit (100% of all profits). Personalized shoppers will also be able to work for tips to help consumers buy what they need.

How we built it

This app was created using HTML, JQuery, and City Vancouver's Open Data Portal API. We obtained Vancouver's data on community and farmer markets and formatted it into something more organised and usable for the general public.

Oh yeah, and a sprinkle of frustration. Programmer things, y'know?

Challenges we ran into

There were several challenges we ran into. Far too many for our taste, in fact.

For one thing, obtaining the data was easier said than done. Sure, we could grab the data but it wasn't clean. We spent a long time trying to understand its structure and behaviour. Because of this, we completely forgot about implementing the map.

Another issue unrelated to the technical aspect was the teamwork and planning of this project. Since we had several doable ideas, we had a hard time establishing a direction.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

After several labourious hours, we all are proud of the fact that we have a working product despite its flaws. This project was also the first hackathon for some of us, and so completing this project is an achievement of itself.

What we learned

Some of us were introduced to new technologies, and others were forced to improve their already existing skills. We also discovered new frameworks or methodologies from each other.

Also, Javascript is a disgusting language.

What's next for Local Scout

At the moment, we do not have anything set in stone for Local Scout. Maybe it'll be the next best thing, maybe it'll be absolutely abandoned after this event. Who knows.

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