We were inspired mainly by the consumers' need of locally fresh grown products and the producers' requirement to expand their business.

What it does

The application collects data from multiple Google search pages,stores it in a database, filters it by a series of criteria(location, previous searches ,price tags) and displays them on a site in an organised manner.

How I built it

We collect and parse data using Python and store it using the Google Cloud Platform. In order to access the location, we use the API. Next up, we implement an AI based algorithm using Rapyd AI API which filters the stored data based on previously mentioned criteria.

Challenges I ran into

We struggled, at first, with finding the suitable tools to our solution. Our first idea was to modify the output of the Google Search Engine so that it displays pages based on our references, though it was not a viable option.

What's next for Local Products Wiki

We aim to engage as many local producers as we can in this trend, while also shaping a new virtual market environment.

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