We were inspired by not only the Love Your City theme but we also were inspired by social media and e-commerce sites like Twitter and Etsy, respectively. We wanted to take similar concepts from those websites and incorporate the support small/local businesses aspect to it. Especially for small businesses who are just starting shop and may be unaware how to promote their own business well.

What it does aims to uplift and support local communities by connecting consumers to local businesses more simply. Consumers are able to view business profiles by searching them and clicking the top right arrow. They will be redirected to another page with subpages titled products, updates, and stories, all of which contain information to help consumers view information such as product listings, events, and updates are within driving distance and can be purchased through the website. Users can engage with these local businesses - by liking, sharing, and viewing their content - and can put products from a business on hold/deposit before buying. Business owners are able to view their analytics to grasp an overview of their overall engagement and sales which can be used to further develop their business.

How we built it

We first built a model on Figma to organize our ideas, then began to develop the website with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Firebase.

Challenges we ran into

We had a few difficulties with incorporating all our ideas into the website, but we were able to work together and get most of our ideas down! Functions such as the like, share, and interactive graphs we were not able to complete as our team didn’t have someone well versed with using Node.js or backend knowledge. Another challenges we went through was working with a platform like live share. Live share makes it pretty difficult, sometimes, in order to collaborate. Another challenge we came across was formatting the images into our website. As our website grew with more webpages, incorporating our CSS files into the different pages would sometimes alter images and text formatting unintentionally.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are quite proud of our concept and ideation, as well as the sophisticated format of the website! Getting our web design as close as possible to our Figma prototype with our current web development skills was also a bit of a challenge but we pulled through. We are also proud of implementing a search feature into our website using JavaScript which someone of our members were previously unfamiliar with!

What we learned

We learned a lot more about CSS and how to format different components of our webpage. The rest of the team also learned a bit more about Figma and how it works because one of our lovely teammates informed us about it!

What's next for

Some future features we plan on adding to would be the actual transactional part between businesses and consumers. This aspect would aid in the purchasing of products from said businesses. Another neat feature we plan to add in the future is allowing users, who have registered their business to the website, to create their own posts, updates, and stories. This would help with the engagement of businesses and therefore would help with promotion. Another cool feature to incorporate into the website would be to allow businesses to see the analytics of their engagement. This would allow small business owners to see what types of posts get them the most or the least traction to their profile.

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