Our idea based on peer-to-peer landing, but in a more personalized way. We thought about how we can make finance flow more interactive and relatable to customers. So there is an idea about using information about recent purchases and interest based on social media.

What it does

Basically, it offers good conditions to customers, bank and small business. And our service simplifies the process of investing both on one side and on the other.

How we built it

To create this amazing frontend app we used:

To create powerful and fastest backend we used:

Challenges we ran into

We decided to ran into few challenges:

  • Banking re-imagined by Nordea
  • Changing the financial management landscape by Procountor
  • Hack the fintech environment by Holvi
  • Make finance fun. Once and for all. by Bankify (P2P credits)

Our difference from existing solutions

We provide our customers personalized investment opportunities using data of customers payment operations and social profiles

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have gorgeous features, like:

  • Personalization
  • Inttegration with biggest bank in Scandinavia
  • Clean and simple investing process
  • Nice UI
  • Really adaptive markup
  • As simple as baby toy

What we learned

  • How to work with Vue.js, Nordea Open Banking API, Procountor API
  • We learned about P2P Investing, how it works
  • Understood how anyone can become an investor
  • Suggested everyone how to create money from the air

What's next for Local Investor

We will be happy to implement this platform

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