Have you ever had worries of how you would look in certain hairstyles that you really like? I get anxious when I am about to get a new hairstyle that I have never tried before. Therefore, explains this app.

What it does

This is a web based AR that detects a person's face. It allows the user to select any hairstyles that are provided to give it a try on themselves. When that particular hairstyle is on them, they get to decide how they personally look and if they liked it, they can take a snapshot to bring it to their actual hairstylist to have an actual haircut.

How I built it

This web app is built with pure HTML5, CSS, Javascript AR library.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenges I ran into is trying to get a perfect hairstyle to fit for everybody. The hairstyles are just some free online .png that would do the job for now. Looking at how the Javascript AR library is a face detection AR, it was a challenge to try to get the hair to appear on the head.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Overall, I am proud of what I have achieved from being in a team by myself. Even though the website doesn't look too appealing, the functionality and the idea can bring huge changes to a person's life.

What I learned

I never knew that there were AR libraries for web applications especially from Javascript. In overall, trying to put a website together alone is really fun and not that difficult with the amount of resources online.

What's next for Local Hairstylist

Improve on the AR technology to be more responsive, improve on hairstyles to fit on a person's head more dynamically, provide an opportunity to take a screenshot for future reference of hairstyles to try, better User Interface and Experience.

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