The Corona pandemic has shown the importance of local fresh food for people in times of crisis. Many local producers experience a higher demand for their products and customers’ desire to know the origin of their food. The current situation is therefore a window of opportunity for establishing more direct links between farmers and consumers. How can we sustain these new relationships when the pandemic is over?

What it does

Some farmers would like to better know their customers and build stronger relationships with them for the future but they feel overwhelmed on their own? Our project created a Wiki for farmers who prefer to collaborate with others to become stronger and use synergies. This Wiki guides the farmers through some of the available collaboration options such as farm shops, e-commerce platforms, and other direct marketing channels. It gives tips and advice for the things that need to be considered when collaborating with others and it might be an inspiration for new business ideas.

How we built it

We did a lot of research on the available options in Switzerland and Europe to make sure we don't reinvent the wheel. We tested our assumptions and built something useful. We are lucky to have agriculture experts, farmers and enthusiasts in our team!

Challenges we ran into

Scaling up production, access and demand for local food is not a new challenge. There is a ton of information available and we have certainly not managed to review everything. Also, as it is the weekend, we have only managed to reach out to a limited number of farmers, food distributors and experts to gain insights for the challenges and feedback on the idea. We need more time to put together all the needed information, find the right partners and sponsors for this wiki to be properly built and start making impact.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • Strong theoretical background and practical experience with local food challenges in the team
  • Flexible and agile approach to reaching stakeholder and mentors to help us conceptualize, challenge and build up the idea

What's next for Local Food for All

  • Find the right content creation partners (government departments and consulting services)
  • Contact more stakeholders (farmers and food distributors) with interviews and maybe a survey
  • Find sponsors :)

Built With

  • wiki
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