Behind the name

"Doko", or どこ, is the Japanese word for "where" and phonetically pronounced "doco". Thus, our play on sounds conveys the meaning of searching, as one does in a scavenger hunt.


One of our members recently hosted a scavenger hunt for her class. She had her students explore the campus of the University of Washington, taking pictures of landmarks and locations specified by the hunt. The students posted their images on to a Facebook group page that they used to facilitate events and announcements for their class. The page became cluttered, and it was tedious for our teammate to grade participation and verify the correct target was taken in images. This is where Clarifai and our separate web application came in. is our solution to a photo-based scavenger hunt with verified images and participation.

What it does uses Clarifai to verify images that participants take of their destination by matching tags and defining characteristics specified by the organizer. Our users are organizers and participants of scavenger hunts. Organizers have a dashboard that allows them to create new hunts, list their existing ones, and then share with their desired participants. When the participant receives a URL from an organizer, they are prompted to enter their team name. Existing team names will be brought to their dash page, while new teams can start a new dash. As teams explore, on their journey to complete the scavenger hunt, they are able to upload images of their destination to From there, the image is verified with Clarifai and a response is sent back to the organizer.

How we built it

Around a whiteboard, with tons of junk food, cans of Arizona tea, and periodical naps. Oh, and collaboration between our five team members, pushing, pulling, and committing to Git. We have a front-end and back-end team, and the occasional straggler who goes between both sides because we desperately need help connecting the two ends. Our web design is a mix of custom stylesheets and Bootstrap. The front and back end are connected through Javascript, with help from jQuery. Data is stored in Firebase.

Challenges I ran into

As first time users of Firebase, the biggest hurdle by far was figuring out how to use this exciting new technology.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Having web app that is connected from the front to back end, ready to be used by scavenger hunt lovers of all kinds.

What I learned

If you use a new technology, be prepared to underestimate the time needed for the most simple tasks.

What's next for

So many things. Refacture the back-end code so that querying data is easier, which will allow us to build more features on top of the existing For example, we would have liked to implement a Leaderboard and Livefeed. We also wanted to use the Google Maps API to provide participants with a Google Maps with their path highlighted so they could retrace their epic journey.

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