Most cities have a variety of waste disposal facilities, and are capable of recycling a large variety of items. However, the average person is unaware of most facilities and their capabilities, leading to improper waste disposal. This problem ranges from recyclable items being lost to landfills, to hazardous materials contaminating our waters and land. With an easy search engine to educate people on how to dispose of their items and where to take them, the amount of improperly disposed waste will decrease dramatically! On top of that, small businesses that have developed innovative new ways of recycling can add themselves to the map, allowing people to find and use their services.

What it does

Users can input their location to find a variety of disposal facilities near them. They can then filter the results by the type of waste that they need to dispose of, and show only facilities that accept those types of waste. Companies can add themselves to the map and list what waste types they accept, their phone number, and location. Users unsure of the category of waste that their item falls under can search for their item specifically to see what category they should filter their results by.

How we built it

A combination of C#, Javascript, and the Google Maps API were used to create our prototype of the project.

Challenges we ran into

Working with the map API was a first for our team, and we struggled to have the map show us results.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

With a small team of three, we are all proud of being able to finish a proof of concept and having successfully implemented the map.

What we learned

The programmers of our team learned several different things about building websites and working with the map API, while our artist learned much about what it means to be a UI designer and advanced Illustrator techniques.

What's next for Local Disposal Locator

We hope to continue this project in the future because we believe it is something that can and will help communities across the country.

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