Local By Us is a hyper-local web and android app based on the concept of a local newspaper by all of us, for all of us. A typical local newspaper has 4 categories of things - News about things that happened, writer Opinions and letters to the editor, upcoming Events in the community and Classified ads for the community. We cover each of these as a tab in the application. It's hyper-local news everywhere, especially places without a local newspaper. The application detects your location and tags posts with the location. The readers get the closest posts to them first, ordered by when they were posted. LocalByUs auto-adjusts based on your location. It currently works for anywhere that can be found on a Google Map Local By Us can be used by -

  1. Police flyers looking for criminals
  2. Public works department for their newsletter
  3. Local Politicians to inform citizens about what they are doing or will do
  4. People like ourselves interested in community
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