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What's Loca?

This nodejs project is a tentative of web application that offers a toolkit for owners of buildings, flats, offices, meeting rooms, car parks, letter boxes...

The idea is to make easy the management of properties and occupants by proposing many services:

  • Gather all information of your properties and occupants in one place
  • Create rent contract from templates available in the system
  • Follow the rent payments month by month
  • Template letters for recovery of not paid rents

Getting started

First of all, you must have nodejs and mongodb installed on your computer.

Run these commands in your terminal in the directory of the cloned repository.

npm install
node server.js

For developers, open a first terminal in the project directory a run these commands:

npm install
npm run dev

Open a second terminal in the same directory and run:

npm run watch

It will automatically build when the source code changes.

Sorry guys but currently the application is in french...

Why I created this application?

Simply to help my best friend and me to manage properties that we rent.

Above all, to have a good reason to play with node and javascript :-)

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