Problem: Global Ghost Gear Initiative

A common source of ghost gear is vessel conflict with set gear.

Boat traffic from the shipping, aquaculture and tourism industries in the Bay of Fundy cuts off lobster traps when transiting through fishing grounds.

Fundy North Fisherman’s Association offered 10 compensation bursaries for traps lost or damaged by boat traffic. Not a single bursary was claimed because it was impossible for fishers to prove that someone else caused the damage.


An application that logs the location of set lobster traps and displays it on a website that is accessible to other marine industries that might damage or be damaged by set traps.


Commercial Lobster fishers Use app to: log location data of traps Incentive: to keep track of traps for easy retrieval. To be able to receive compensation for damaged traps.

Regulatory Bodies and Agencies Use app to: Monitor and track. Benefit: Access to more data!

Other Marine Industries Use app to: See where traps are located. Incentive: Avoid damage to equipment and vessels.

Future of Lobster Log:

  • Spend time in fishing communities gathering quantitative and qualitative data and develop a community based solution that utilizes existing gps and tracking systems.
  • Redesign the the map to protect the interest of the various stakeholders involved. (i.e Create a map that shows safe route options instead of areas of avoidance)


Solution can be widely adapted and scaled to other marine industries that set traps. Data could potentially be useful for research and regulatory agencies.

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