Blockchain & Decentralized storages are complex for end-users. They have to be significantly simpler for mass adoption. In an event full of ethereum developers, so many of us had trouble using decentralized systems ourselves. Great companies like SquareLink and Torus, are trying to make it simple and remove friction in using Dapps. We share their mission and want to take it one step further.

What it does

Lobster Cards make it easy for anyone to access and engage with files and content on decentralized storages. They are like smart cards specially built for Dapps. A single scan allows users to access and interact with the content without having to create an account or install any apps.

How we built it

Each Lobster Card embeds an Ethereum account within a QR Code. The QR Code Links to a custom made dapp that can be accessed with a single scan. Upon scan, a new signature is generated and verified to protect the content behind it. The cards are pre-loaded with content that people can enjoy and vote thumbs up or down. We store the files on IPFS and access it directly from the Dapp. The votes are recorded as transactions on Ethereum.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We completed building the first version of the Dapp and the Cards. It is live at Many of you on the floor got a chance to try the cards. We were excited to see the interest shown by many of you. Thank you!

What we learned

A Blockchain-first approach is necessary to make decentralization easy to use. We can't think mobile-first or API-first when it comes to building things in decentralized environments. We follow three simple principles - 1. Simple Transactions - Transactions that don’t need a complex initial setup. 2. Portable Accounts - Accounts that don’t have to be attached to a user identity. 3. Pure Dapps - Dapps that don’t depend on another mobile/desktop app.

What's next for Lobster Cards

We will continue developing this concept and build it into a platform to make it widely accessible. We want to drive the next wave of Blockchain adoption by making it easy for mainstream consumers to interact with decentralized systems.

We have left a few cards in the front desk. Please try them out. You can also reach out to us to try it and learn more.

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