Lobbee was first thought up because of the Best Financial and Political Hacks. In our pursuit to combine them, we sought to help solve a longstanding issue many citizens criticize: non-transparency in political funding streams.

What is it?

Lobbee is a bipartisan fintech based initiative to help American politics get back to what they should be. Get the latest financial buzz about your senators!

What it does

Lobbee shows a United States map that the users can interact with. Upon clicking on a state, the senators from that state are showcased alongside people and entities who have contributed to their campaigns with a short blurb about how or why they are supporting that candidate. Lobbee shows the hard financials behind every senator.

How we built it

Lobbee was built using majorly front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, Ajax, and jQuery. APIs used were OpenSecrets and Google Civic Information.

Challenges we ran into

Utilizing the Google Civic Information API brought forth challenges that were unexpected to face. We wanted to include pictures of every senator, but some came out switched! Using some blood, sweat, tears, and Javascript, we were able to solve this issue, though.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are definitely proud of the mission behind our hack; the intersection of fintech and politics is something we are all passionate about. We are also proud of the UI/UX and graphic design of the page. For something built in 24 hours, we believe it looks really clean and is accessible to our users.

What we learned

One of the main things we learned was calling APIs in Javascript using jQuery and Ajax. Having two new members brought learning opportunities and experiences in hackathons for them as well.

What's next for Lobbee

We're not sure what is next for Lobbee, but we had an invaluable time completing this hack and would like to develop our project further! A plan we do have is refining the images of each senator and adding in more information about the donors.

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