Loany is a blockchain based Peer to peer loaning system. Loany aims, first and foremost, to put our team members in a maximum security federal penitentiary. The second objective is to allow people to more easily invest in the loan market and experience the 2008 financial crisis from a first hand perspective.

How we built it

Loany allows you to create, purchase, and exchange loans to other players in the market. Behind the frontend built on React Native, there is a backend connected to a Ethereum blockchain with smart contracts, where all transaction data is stored. We also have an intermediary flask backend for caching and performance reasons, because it was just way too slow otherwise.

Challenges we ran into

Blockchain is hard as hell. And frontend is also hard as hell. Also working on two things at once is hard as hell.

What's next for Loany

World Domination and a 1 Billion Dollar Seed round with a 1 Trillion Dollar Valuation.

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