When you need to borrow money, you trust your friends the most

That's where Loanee comes into play. Imagine your car just broke down. The repairs cost $450. You have a job and you will get paid, but not in another 9 days. You need a quick loan to pay the repair bill, so who do you turn to? Your friends. Simply login to the app, request a quick loan for the desired amount, and pay back in time or get charged interest. You strike the terms quickly in the app, and if everyone accepts, the money is transferred to you in a zap. Dead simple friendly loans.

Why Loanee makes sense

Friends trust one another to pay back. Loanee makes it CLEAR to what the terms are and who's involved. Simply loan your friends money knowing that beyond the trust, your money is protected by interest if the loanee does not pay in time.


Easy, fluid UI/UX: Venmo-like UX meets Lyft UX Firebase backend: Powerful real time syncing and availbility Venmo API : Login powered by Venmo (for additional layer of real identities and security) Layer Messaging API

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