I have thought of an app that is useful showcasing Predix technologies to customers. Use cases are illustrated using a Shipment Company in a 3D map view where people is actually taking a virtual tour of what the platform can do for them.

What it does

It all starts when you add a Truck. Here we assume that a worker is giving the truck driver a IPS (indoor positioning system) that posts data to Predix cloud. As soon as the Truck is added, it starts sending its coordinates (position) and Dwell time metrics by zone are shown inside a panel.

Then, we can tell the Truck to drive to a Waiting area (there are a few Waiting boxes, it looks like a parking lot indeed). Again, we can see Dwell times are varying for a truck (it started in Entry zone and then moved to Waiting area).

There's a lot of interest for Shipping Companies for tracking Shipments. This feature is showcased here when user adds a Shipment. It makes sense to create shipments in Loading Bays, where you install IPS attached to them. Metrics are also shown for Shipments.

Let's go back to what's next for the Truck. We tell Truck to drive to Loading Bay # where a shipment is waiting. When the Truck "intersects" the Shipment it is considered to be picked. Then, we could tell the Truck to go to Exit zone. We can see how the Shipment moves with the picking Truck.

How I built it

Using html5 markup along with javascript code. JQuery was useful for broadcasting and handling events. OSMBuildings maps for 3D representation.

Historical Position API:

Historical Dwell Times API:

Access Control Services API:

What's next for Loading Bay

UI enhancements, more analytics and reporting.

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