In these dark times (cloudy day after sunset), we set out to be the very best memers...

What it does

LMS4TBH stands for Like My Status for To Be Honest. Like the status updates of the facebook app, and it will generate a "to be honest..." message for you, based on your private facebook conversations!

How we built it

We built it with love, and code. There was definitely code. And definitely some love. Yes, love and code.

But for real, we made a chrome extension and the Facebook API to extract conversation messages and feeds that into a markov decision chain (yay, machine learning!) to generate a TBH message. We used Firebase, Heroku, Flask, and React to build the interface for all of this.

Challenges we ran into

Uggghhhh, having to use python 2 and python 3 in the same project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Adding more stickers to my laptop
  • Circumvented Facebook's Security policies and will probably get our fb accounts banned in the process

What we learned

  • How markov decision chains work!
  • How to break Facebook's TOS (Good thing FB isn't a sponser)
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