As a group of freshman in college, we were looking for new ways to meet people. However, we found it very difficult quickly find groups of people to go eat dinner or hang out with through current social media apps. Thus, we were inspired to create LMNT (Let's Meet in Ten) as a method to quickly connect people with friends or to create new friends.

What it does

LMNT is an android app that allows users to see real-time updated posts from circles of friends or nearby public users. A post describes an event, location, and time for people to meet. A user can like a post to show that they will attend the event. A user can also create a post to a friend circle or the public feed to convince other users to attend.

How we built it

LMNT Facebook's API to connect Facebook Login to a firebase database. It also accesses Facebook's friend lists to connect the user with friends who also use the android app. We used an ionic framework to create an android app, which connected to the firebase database for push notifications and user storage.

Challenges we ran into

Implementing the Facebook API and Login page Creating the actual android app, as we have never created an app before.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created a working server and connected our firebase database to our Facebook API. We have a working login page through the android app.

What we learned

We learned how to create an app and how to use Facebook API

What's next for LMNT

Producing a working app and hopefully posting it on the Google Play Store. LMNT can also utilize aspects of Machine Learning to prioritize user's feeds by the type of event, who posted the event, and where the event is taking place.

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