Currently there is no easy way to try out and compare multiple LLMs. So I made an add-on that lets you use 3 open-source LLMs within google sheets using Replicate API.

What it does

The add-on lets you use dolly-v2-12b, oasst-sft-1-pythia-12b and vicuna-13b models within google sheets with formulas. To use the Dolly model just use '=dolly({prompt})' formula. '=vicuna({prompt})' and '=open({prompt})' for Vicuna and Pythia models respectively. Find all details in the video

How we built it

The Google sheets add-on is built with Apps Script. In the text box you need to enter your API key which you can get from When you use the formula, the data is sent to the backend where an LLM will be called on using the Replicate API


Since I'm new to coding figuring out the backend was a little tough. But I was able to create a working codebase thanks to chatgpt

What's next for LLMs For Sheets

It is annoying to download and playaround wth different LLMs as they are massive in size and need techninal chops to use. I would like add support for all LLMs on Replicate and hugging face so that normal people can use them easily.

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