Upon our investigation into diversity initiatives, we realized how many opportunities there are out there and we would love to share it with others and make sure that people know what types of opportunities they have and motivate them. As one of our team members had experience with developing professional development opportunities for marginalized communities, we found that this website was a unique opportunity to bridge the information divide between companies/colleges and marginalized communities.

What it does

Our website centralizes informative and professional resources for underrepresented populations to help even the playing field in educational and career opportunities. Divided into two sections, GetPro helps organize diversity and inclusion information on both companies and colleges. Whether looking for the difference in salaries for particular work positions or trying to identify identity based student organizations within universities, our website acts as a central point for both professionals and students to get the information and resources needed to succeed.

How we built it

GetPro, is a web application built using a combination of Blazor Server & Javascript. The application is hosted using Azure App Services, and the data is stored in a managed Azure SQL database. We included a number of external libraries such as Bootstrap, Slick, Outlook Calendar, PowerBi, and others to build out special functionality. This includes a fluid layout, data visualizations, and more. To fill out data for select companies, we used data scraping to pull information from public sites, but in actual use, we foresee individual companies managing their GetPro profiles to provide central access to valuable inclusivity information.

Challenges we ran into

Finding and compiling the relevant diversity information was difficult as companies and colleges do not share the same amount of type of information. Also, Power BI publishing required admin access and we realized this too late into the project to make a reasonable request. In addition, with a team of three professionals and students across the U.S., coordinating meetings virtually was rather challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In terms of technical website design, we connected a carousel and hamburger menu for user friendly navigation of our website. From the user end, we feel that our website is very intuitive, user friendly, and we tried to provide an aesthetic layout.

What we learned

We learned about the existing initiatives of diversity that are available across higher education and the workforce. Additionally, we learned more about what information both students and professionals look for when applying for companies and colleges. We learned that the government takes diversity info surveys for its uses such as the EEO-1 survey and the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS).

Testing Instructions

To test and access our website, click here. For testing purposes, we have info on Howard University, University of Michigan, Microsoft, and Comcast.

What's next for GetPro

In the future, we want to integrate personalizer from azure better into our product so that we can suggest better and more relevant events and scholarships to underrepresnted groups and help them gain the outlet for opportunities that others have. We also hope to include more diversity and inclusion information on GetPro, such as accessibility and sustainability information. Additionally, our database only has information for Howard University, University of Michigan, Microsoft, and Comcast. We would love to coordinate with companies and colleges to fill out their pages with the appropriate information, as well as create an UI on the company and university side to streamline the information filling process.

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