In the past, I was a user of the Mexico City public transportation system when I lived there. I knew about its complexity when combined routes. We need a easy to use system to travel through the city!

My app, called "llevamex" means lleva (take me) and combines with Mex for Mexico :)

What it does

It has a preset of 5 destinations but those are replaced once you route to your frequent destinations.

You just specify what transportation system and where to go. You will get a map and instruction list in response.

How I built it

Using Eclipse (I'm aware of Android Studio but right now I'm more familiar with Eclipse).

Also a compilation of libraries with free to use tiers: Google Maps Google Places API, that we developer were kindly invited to use. Thanks to Francisco from SinTrafico API for helping with the API!

Challenges I ran into

Handling coordinates from different systems was somewhat challenging. It is also funny to deal with Fragments using Google Places initialization.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Those issues were solved!

What's next for llevamex

Save static maps, link with other transportation system, expand to other geographical areas.

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