While there is a wealth of information for our Foreign Born Neighbors who are in the US through Visa or Asylum, finding the information and connecting with the proper subject matter experts is often a difficult and frustrating experience.

What it does is an application intended to connect those who need help with those who can help immigrants integrate into American society. Crafted with user driven input and data, users will find their unique user pathway whether that may be finding new employment, a place of worship, or even help understanding the red tape behind getting a driver's license.

How we built it

Our team focused intensely on creating a simple, easy navigate user experience that brings "Just in Time" information to the user and guide immigrants through their long term goals.

Challenges we ran into

Limiting scope. There are so many ways we wanted to help our foreign born neighbors, but there are realistic limitations to what can be built and built well within such a limited amount of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We really feel like we provided an intuitive and easy to use mobile experience that can help our foreign born neighbors visualize their pathway to becoming part of our community.

What we learned

Creating helped us learn a great deal about the struggles of Asylees and foreign born immigrants in locating and decoding such a vast offering of information spread across dozens of agencies. It's no wonder so many newcomers to our society struggle to integrate into our society when it's so difficult to navigate a sea of red tape.

What's next for

There are so many additional ways that we wish could help our foreign born neighbors from an employment marketplace, a more robust issue championing system, to safe housing matching. The great part about what we have built is that the contributors, both Sponsor/Champion and Foreign Born Neighbors, can create and mold this tool organically into what will be most helpful for them, the users.

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