Our group learned about breastpumphackathon randomly, but we were made much aware of the struggles and difficulties of breast pumps after curiously reading more about the topic! After reading the medium blog, we decided that we wanted to target the pain point of Education.

Proper latch, suction level, positioning, size, shape, and proper instructions were all described as part of the design challenge of breast pumps. How do women learn of the "right" way? As a result, creating a virtual reality Oculus Rift environment with interactable features using the infrared hand-motion-tracking Leap Motion, we tried to invent an experimental place to "test" different breast pump models and learn the procedure hands on.

The target users are moms or anyone who wants to have a hands on experience of using a breast pump in virtual reality to get the hang of the motions and standard steps.

Simulations are powerful! They can teach us, so our group sees VR as the future of countless inventions as virtual reality expands to health. Hence, the name Livh, LEAP INTO VIRTUAL HEALTH!

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